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Be prepared for a 48-hour non-stop hackathon and grand prizes.

Fields of Interest 

Field One: Software and hardware combination supported by PCDunio


Case 1 Smart Home: LED controlled by IP


Case 2 pcDuino as 3D printer control console


Case 3 wifi remote controlled car with video monitoring


Case 4 Public account (Wechat)-controlled hardware: smart parking spot searching and monitoring system – Designed by graduate school student from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Case 5 Papelio: Realize the AVP on Arduino with FPGA with more custom peripherals


Field Two: Cloud computing product supported by UPYUN

Case 1 36Kr

Based on the website, 36Kr has a platform for apps and social media. As the business developed, some problems emerged:

1. The use of Nginx image filter put huge pressure on the server

2. Safety issues brought about by storing js, css, apk on the server


Picture with cloud computing-customize mobile sites, and App thumbnail

Document with cloud storage-Store static page on UPYUN with the measurement of cloud storage and Form API, and decrease the maintenance cost.

UPYUN provides picture, audio and video storage service, including storage, processing and CDN accelerating.

Case 2 Zhihu


"Zhihu" is a Chinese question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by the community of its users. Problems emerged with the fast development.

1. Fast flow growth overloaded bandwidth

2. Diverse user locations caused website login delays


Static CDN such as the websites, Zhihu Daily, Zhihu Column, Zhihu Android enjoy the service of speed-up nodes without bandwidth limits;

Low cost and high effectiveness;

Multi-dimension analysis with track of flow occupation, visitors and http:// conditions.


Case 3 BuYuDaRen (Fishing Talent)

Fishing talent is one of the most popular mobile game. Problems emerged as the app became more popular.

1. Tactic CDN is only limited to one supplier, creating higher risk;

2. Bandwidth requirement sharply increased when there was promotion or update news-not ideal to apply traditional CDN charging.


1. Simultaneously using over two tactic CDN supplier, allowing quick switch among suppliers;

2. UPYUN takes charge of spreading the promotion or update news;

3. No bandwidth limitation


Case 4 FTgames


FTgames has over 30 different types of games, achieving over 100 million downloads all over the world.

Problems emerged along with development:

1. Heavy daily uploading loads

2. Unstable download speed in specific area while there is update news


Tactic data storage-upload document to UPYUN and download from UPYUN through HTTP;

Tactic CDN accelerating-improve user experience and lower cost.


Case 5 Mushroom Road

Mushroom Road is the most popular shopping guide online community in China.

Problems are:

1. Daily growing picture increases data storage and save cost

2. Server has huge pressure in dealing with picture processing


Tactic data storage-customize picture thumbnail;

Tactic CDN accelerating-data distribution through tactic CDN of UPYUN.


Field Three: Combination with “ChuMenWenWen” voice-recognition technology

Case 1 ChuMenWenWen

Chumen Wenwen is an information enquiry voice application tailored for people traveling who own a Wechat public account and an Android APP. It is a mobile application which supplies life information service search via platforms like Wechat public account, app, etc. based on voice. It supplies users with information covering air lines, trains, restaurants, navigations and so on. Users can directly obtain various messages of life that they need from "Chumen Wenwen" via the mode of voice quiz.

Sample 1 Dazhi Dianping Android applies Chumen WenWen to realize the service of mobile voice search of restaurants


Sample 2 AMap applies Chumen WenWen to realize the service of mobile voice search of destination


Field Four: O2O APP supported by Dianping developer platform

Dianping Case pool:

Dian ping is the largest user-generated restaurant review site in China, covering more than 500,000 restaurants in over 300 cities in China. The introduction of Dian ping developer platform: http://developer.dianping.com


Sample 1 Aimeiwei

A food sharing app allowing user to photo and share their beloved food.

image001  image003

Sample 2 Zhoumo Huanghuang

Zhoumo Huanghuang provides service of event and place recommendation on weekend short trip.


Sample 3 Credit card Promo

Creditcard Promo


Field Five: Shops and other websites supported by Yunshipei

Case Pool:

Sample 1 Roseonly.com.cn

Use your mobile phone to open the website http://www.roseonly.com.cn/ 

Roseonly-1 Roseonly-2 Roseonly-3Roseonly-4 

Sample 2 CSDN

Use your mobile phone to open the website http://bbs.csdn.net/ 

csdn-1 csdn-2 csdn-3

Sample 3 Microsoft

Use your mobile phone to open the website  http://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/ard/


ms-3 ms-2 ms-1

Sample 4 Lenovo

Use your mobile phone to open the website http://www.lenovo.com.cn/ 

lenovo-1 lenovo-2 lenovo-3

Field Six: 3D Game and APPS supported by Unity

Case Pool:








Team form process:

  1. Explanation of Idea:
  2. Two-minute display of idea with powerpoint slides (recommended, please submit the slides to stuff before Aug. 7th 2014);
  3. One-minute Q&A


     Team forming on the site

Evaluation criteria:

  1. Commercial Value;
  2. Creativity;
  3. Completeness


     Consists of entrepreneurs, incubator leads and VCs.


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Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million stock photographs, graphic elements and fonts. 


UPYUN is the leading cloud service provider in the country, offers unstructured data cloud storage, cloud computing and cloud content delivery (CDN) services for the Internet and mobile Internet entrepreneurs. Unstructured data mainly refers to pictures, audios, videos, js, css and other static files.At the moment UPYUN has deployed 100 CDN nodes all over the country with nearly 1000 servers, which optimised the communication between main ISPs and local carriers. To meet the accelerating demand of massive user data distribution. Meanwhile, with 30 kinds of custom thumbnail, token anti-hotlinking, independent binding domain,Storage triple , various forms of API interface and other functions, UPYUN saves customers' labor costs and material costs at maximum level, allowing customers focus more on their own product operations. Currently, UPYUN has already provided more than 45,000 business customers, include letv, changba, fishingjoy, Talking Tom Cat, Zhihu,BaiXing, Mogujie and many other well-known companies in the industry and gained very high product recognition.







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