2014 Shanghai Hongkong Hackathon

In this Hackathon,There are 17 projects created by teams.

1.     Secrette

2.     7o3x

3.     TAPcards

4.     Seminar Pul

5.     declined

6.   日行e善

7.     MUNGO

8.     Oglinder/Meditouch

9.     Sake 2014

10.  Goblin

11.  Bus-ness


13.  Sell me .hk

14.  Holographic Projection for Architecture Denostration

15.  Hobby Hub

16.  China Local Guide

17.  unicoin



  • Goblin

    Goblin is a mobile app that allows users to make accurate measurements of their muscle strength. They can monitor their progress and keep records of their performance overtime.

    Goblin is aimed to motivate individuals by allowing them to monitor their muscle strength. Users are encouraged to record their muscle measurements on a daily basis. They will be asked to measure their muscle during its relaxed mode. Users will be able to compare their progress over a period of time and adjust their work out sessions accordingly (they can consult with a fitness trainer for better performance levels). Exercising is not limited to being in a physical fitness gym, people can exercise their muscles anywhere – even including household chores. Goblin delivers an accurate real-time measurement of your muscle strength right to your phone. It allows users to track their strength and facilitates users by seeing their muscle improvement in close details.


    Holographic Projection for Architecture Demonstration


    From now on there is no need to create a complicate model to demonstrate and illustrate an architecture design. 3D Mapping and Holographic Projection, equipped with Kinect and a projector, you can show the all-round architectural structure with day-and-night and seasonal change e_ect. Not only the exterior design but also the interior design can be shown in 3D graphics. The way in achieving this is to use 3D Mapping to project graphics right _t on the model. When a user moves his head in viewing the model, Kinect is responsible for detecting one's head movement. 3D Holographic Projection will do the calculation of perspective view for users. Di_erent perspective will be shown according to his movement. You may see through the wall and look inside the building. This is no doubt an innovation to architectural demonstration that gives user sensational experience

  • Mungo

    Visual. Social. Local solution to selling items in your area

    Mungo aims to take the excitement of a mobile mixed with the connectivity of social media to create a new marketplace for college students. Our initial focus will be on US and Hong Kong Universities and we will require an .edu email address to register. Our initial target items will be textbooks and electronics. At the end of the semester, students are trying to get rid of their books and cheaply purchase books for the upcoming semester; additionally, students frequently change courses or schools prior to the end of the semester, requiring them to sell their books. Many students are also constantly replacing their electronics. Unfortunately, once they buy something new, many of these old devices sit unused. Our platform will create a marketplace for students to buy and sell these goods conveniently on their campus. We believe we are uniquely qualified to address this issue because of our Director’s experience attending US and Chinese Universities. It is a problem our friends and ourselves are confronted with frequently and one we are trying to fix. Currently, many people rely on Facebook groups to sell their old items; however, your listing can quickly get buried and there is no search function within these groups. Our listings will be not only be searchable, but also provide location information to facilitate the exchange of goods. Another advantage of our team’s composition is we are composed from members of HK and the US. This will allow us to scale up quickly and develop an adaptive product that serves a diverse market. Currently the biggest problem facing similar products is they are designed for one school or were not originally designed as mobile applications. We will also be competing with brick and mortar stores. Our competitive advantages will be convenience and lower price. Our app would put our marketplace in the palm of our user’s hands. Finally, we aim to open the program up to the general public within three months of launching.


  • SAKE2014 (Product RoboJet)

    Show what you love at the right time.

    RoboJet – We bring the future to reality. When you are close to our booth, we would show you deals that you love – powered by our RoboJet and let you grab the deal right the way. All happens in a split second!

  • Secrette

    An anonymous social network for the world. Share anything you want with your friends and people around you, anonymously.  

    By logging in with Facebook, people can now share their thoughts and secrets without exposing your true identity. Secrets can now spread within seconds. Secrette is a simple anonymous social networking app for the world. People can share texts and photos within their own network of friends where everyone is anonymous. A user can share anything they want, whether they are photos or plain text. People can like, comment and subscribe to certain posts. By following specific hash tags, users can view relevant secrettes.

  • SeminarPal

    Hazzle-free seminar publish/subscribe
    1. Easily create beautiful seminar announcements. 2. The announcement includes an ICS which can be added to most calendar software. 3. The announcement can be printed with QR codes including event information. 3. Parse any ordinary seminar email and extract information and generate ICS attached emails for our users.


  • TAPcards

    Learn a new language, concept, or random set of facts on a community-moderated and competitive flashcard-based platform.

    TAPcards is a flashcard-based knowledge transfer application built on the cutting-edge Meteor.js web development framework. The major features of this application include community-moderated content and knowledge contribution, reputation tracking system, achievements, and self-study oriented usage style. The purpose of the community-based component of the application is to keep the content of the application oriented towards those topics that the users are interested in, rather than the content that the developers think is important to the community. This will also help the content base grow along with the community and to take the bulk of the work producing this content off of the developers and put it on the community. Finally, the competitive focus and reputation-based nature of the application will encourage the users to continue participating in the community surrounding the application and help it grow further.



  • Unicoin

    unicoin is a casual mobile game. Compare to previous dozer games, we strongly emphasize on the elements of social media and Levels based. Greatly enhance the excitment through the experience.

    With utmost Game Play Design on a series of play level, mission and kits, Players can reach higher excitment and refreshment levels. This is an obvious difference from existing dozer game which keep looping the same game play.


  • easyGo (日行e善)

    Eager to serve as a volunteer? The easyGo app brings the volunteer network to your fingertips. It helps you find opportunities to give back in the community, and provides an easy-to-use database for vulnerable gropus to have barrier free travel everywhere!

    EasyGo is a social good app that makes helping others effortless. Sometimes, what might be easy for you is indeed a huge barrier to vulnerable people, such as a blind people couldn’t see the bus number, an elderly doesn’t know how to travel by public transport, or a handicapped person doesn’t know whether the street allows wheelchair to pass through. It is time for us make a change. As the saying goes, “When the happiness is shared, that happiness is doubled, and when the sorrow is shared, that sorrow is halved.” Social network isn’t about sharing our daily lives only, it is also about sharing the problems of our neighborhood, and making it a better place to live. Not only does easyGo provide a database for vulnerable groups to achieve barrier free access, it also connects people who want to be helped and people who want to help. Targeting at the billions of students in China, initially in Shen Zhen, we see a great opportunity to collaborate with schools to promote social good using easyGo.


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