What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people get together and develop awesome projects in a short timespan. In the case of this hackathon, it will take place over a 48-hour timespan.

Who's organizing this hackathon?

This hackathon is organized by KIC, StartupCN, O2Or.cn.

Do I have to develop something all by myself or can I be part of a team?

You can go either way: by yourself or part of a team. Work on your own or put together an All Star team with a back-end developer, a database whiz, and a front-end designer. Whichever way works best for you! However, building a great team allows you to divide responsibilities and spend more time on your strongest areas. We would definitely recommend having a developer/designer combination. You must have a great solution, and if your project is also visually appealing, you maximize your odds of getting noticed.

How to apply as a team?

Now once you've put together your All Star team, how do you apply for the hackathon?

  1. Designate a  'team captain'. This is the person who will act as our single point of contact for the team.
  2. The team captain completes the full application form.
  3. After that, each individual team member can apply. In order to clarify that your application is part of a team, we would like to ask you to specify it when filling in the application form here.

What deliverables are expected for each of the tracks?

Participants are expected to build innovative and user-friendly multi-platform tools that fit the challenge and are user-friendly, while respecting privacy rights of users of their tools.

Will there be prizes?

Yes. The winner or winning team will be awarded , courtesy of our sponsor.

What about my travel and accommodation costs?

You have to pay for travel and accommodation costs by yourself. 

Will there be free food?


Will there be free Wi-Fi?


Do I have to bring my own laptop?

Yes; unfortunately, we can’t provide computers. Please bring anything you’ll need to code (though it’s fine if you share equipment with a teammate).

What if I create something that rocks? Who owns it?

Participants retain their copyright, but need to agree that their projects will be made available online for free to the community under a GPLv3 or Apache v2.0 license – as these licenses/versions have explicit patent releases built in. Participants also agree that their visualisations will be made available on the hackathon websites under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Who is on the Jury?

The KIC Global Hackathon projects are assessed every year by a jury composed of a mix of engineers, civil society representatives and policy-makers. The names of jury members will be published closer to the date of the event.

How do I join a team?

Reach out directly to the "Leader" to add you. We do not have a system for you to search for existing teams. 

You can also create your own team here. You must be part of a team to submit your application to the event and be approved. Once you get to the event, you can consolidate with other teams as long as it doesn't exceed 4 people. This, however, is not something we will facilitate day of.

How should I prepare my presentation?

Demoing live is preferred. But feel free to create a backup simulation or “canned presentation” in case of technical issues.


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